Software Development for Africa

Enterprise, Financial, Retail and E-Commerce

Why Software Development for Africa?

The African continent has entered a new era of development. Today, digitalisation enables businesses across all industries to improve efficiency and process reliability, reduce costs and ensure high adaptation speed to rapidly changing market conditions.

Digitalisation offers the opportunity to create an eco-environment of interaction between customers and local businesses, linking the business environment, government and consumers. Both parties interact through electronic applications and systems.

Our Mission


To bring global best practices to the African economy and business environment.


To build an international competitive advantage of companies in emerging sectors.


To create modern and independent digital management systems and interaction with external environments in production, services, trade, and government programs.

Program Goals


The creation of standards and the implementation of projects in the sectors.

Customer Centricity

Increased customer orientation of internal and external market players and government agencies.


The creation of sustainable processes and improving business efficiency.

Business Sustainability

Increased business sustainability through deeper integration into the continental economic landscape.

Directions For Software Development

Financial Institutions? (Banks and Funds)
Financial Institutions (Banks and Funds)

The solutions include client-side mobile apps for personal finances, banking product management and customer support 24/7/365.
Can be expanded with internal software systems for certification, development, and staff training (EdTech).
The systems' main goal is to create the required functionality for ease of work with financial products and CRM systems for customer databases, research, and reporting.

Enterprise and Agriculture
Enterprise and Agriculture

The solutions include ERP production and sales management systems. The systems have workplace automation, workflow, planning, and reporting.
The software can be expanded to include employees in a single digital circuit.
The systems' main goal is to create an eco-environment, consisting of internal processes oriented towards international experience.

Retail and E-Commerce
Retail and E-Commerce

The solutions include a variety of mobile and web apps for e-commerce. Also, the ecosystem consists of ERP for managing logistics, warehouse, and commodity flows.
The system’s primary goal is to create effective platforms for the interaction between trading platforms and consumers.

Public Institutions
Public Institutions

The systems include mobile and web apps for government organisations and state funds, such as electronic document management and ERP systems.
The development's primary goal is to create specialised IT solutions for government needs in the planning field, financial management, implementation, and the control of government programme projects.

Software Development Company

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Gbenga Omolokun, Executive Director
VFD Group Plc, Nigeria

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