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“The initial project scope was completed swiftly, and the bank was satisfied with their work. I like their ability to output high-quality work with speed”

Review Gbenga Omolokun Executive Director, VFD Group, Nigeria

“Their work focused on building a modern structure, creating professional graphics, and implementing videos.
Tapston delivered exactly what I was looking for the first time, and they even made additional suggestions. They know how users behave and transferred lots of that knowledge to us”

Review Volker Bendzuweit Owner, Homer's World GmbH, Germany

“Tapston has established itself as a responsible software developer. According to the terms of its contractual obligations, all work was performed at a high professional level and on time”

Review Alexey Dubovikov CEO, «Burger King Belarus»

“Tapston flawlessly executed the development and delivered a product that has performed satisfactorily. The team capably managed the engagement and quickly responded to inquiries to ensure a successful partnership. Clear communication was one of their notable qualities”

Review Arthur Pascal CEO, Geochat, France
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