Tapston is in the Top 50 Best Mobile Developers in the World

Tapston is in the Top 50 Best Mobile Developers in the World according to Clutch.co, 2021

We are pleased to be among the Top 50 Best Mobile Developers in the World, according to Clutch (January 2021). That is a great pleasure and honour to be recognized and identified as a strong high-class software company and occupy the leading positions.

Clutch is the US review firm that analyzes customer satisfaction rates and IT companies' types of services. It also evaluates the quality of the company's accomplished work based solely on detailed feedback from clients. At Tapston, we are extremely pleased to receive the highest mark for our professional work.

Our in-depth expertise and knowledge of exceptional frameworks such as React, React Native, and Flutter helped well-known brands and fast-growing start-ups in East and West Europe. We are honoured to have a review from Gbenga Omolokun, Executive Director, VFD Group Plc (Nigeria): “The initial project scope was completed swiftly, and the bank was satisfied with their work, so they hired Tapston to redesign more screens. Their workflow was very efficient, communicating well as they quickly made quality designs”.

Also, we had the great pleasure of partnering with Arthur Pascal (Paris, France): "Tapston flawlessly executed the development and delivered a product that has performed satisfactorily. The team capably managed the engagement and quickly responded to inquiries to ensure a successful partnership. Clear communication was one of their notable qualities".

We sincerely mercy all the partners we've been working with and looking forward to making new mutually successful collaborations and bringing to life new innovative value-based solutions.

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