How does Smart Home simplify your daily routine?

Every day more and more people talk about how smart homes integrate into everyday life

But what do we really mean by saying “smart” house? And that’s exactly what we are going to figure out in this article.

The house that we used to

Today all big players are developing smart home devices. Apple, Xiaomi, Phillips, and other giants are constantly investing in smart homes. According to Navigant Research, in 2017 the revenue from sales and installation of home automation systems reached $ 4.2 billion and by 2026 is supposed to increase up to $ 39.5 billion.

New devices are being created every year to simplify and automate daily processes. The most popular smart gadgets are vacuum cleaners, light bulbs, and various sensors. But as you can guess, a smart home is more complicated than a separate smart device. The usual standard set of a smart home is the following configuration: temperature control, motion detectors, rear and flood sensors, a set of smart buttons and bulbs, as well a pair of smart outlets and a robot vacuum cleaner. So let's dig deeper and see how you can manage the control all over it.

What’s new that you will get

No house can be called “smart" if it does not automate most of the daily processes since the main benefit of a smart home is the ability to program all the planned tasks and events. For example, automatic switching on the light or heating on a schedule is a usual task for the system to do. All of the devices deployed such as smart light bulbs, teapots and motion detectors and etc. communicate through the main computer of a smart home - Hub. All the devices are connected and work via wireless protocols such as ZigBee, z-wave or Wi-Fi. The system allows you to have control just in a couple of clicks through your mobile phone over the light, curtains, electric kitchen stuff such as a kettle, microwave, fridge and etc.

According to the system, each room of the house represents a separate ecosystem. All devices in a separate room communicate with each other to simplify your life. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about what happens inside the house during your absence. Smart sockets disconnect all necessary devices from the network, smoke and heating sensors and in case of an emergency, they will notify you through your mobile phone to take measures. Also, the system takes care of fresh air, cleanliness and a comfortable temperature around the house.

Easy as that

Today smart homes are increasingly popular and set you free of main processes around your house by making them automated. So how to get control over all of the stuff? The smart assistant and control panel is just your regular mobile phone. You can control all the processes and planned tasks just from the mobile program. It is simple and easy to use. Nowadays everyone can make his/her home automated, all you need is to purchase the devices that you want to use and download a mobile application. To see how the system works from the inside please check our latest case here.

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