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We live in a digital era where digital is a part of everyday life for many people — everything from shopping to working is fulfilled through gadgets. Nevertheless, nobody wants all of your digital information shared with the world

We live in a digital era where digital is a part of everyday life for many people — everything from shopping to working, researching and entertaining is fulfilled through gadgets. Nevertheless, nobody wants all of your digital information shared with the world. Electronic security is essential, and data deletion is a general way to remove data that shouldn't fall into other hands. But did you know that deleting files from your hard drive or emails through your browser is not enough to get rid of the data?

Almost everyone knows when you "delete" a file on your computer; it doesn't leave your hard drive. The actual data still exist, and there are several simple ways to access them. If a hacker gains remote access to your hard drive, he can use simple file restoration programs to get it all back.

Another important fact is that nothing on the internet is ever gone. When you delete email messages (and empty your "Trash" folder), you can think there's no way to get that data back, but that isn't entirely correct. The good news is that hackers can't access emails that are deleted from the Trash folder. Hackers usually use different methods to break into an email and steal private information through spam, password breaks or remote access that lets them log into your account.

You might think that deleting text messages is the same as deleting email, but not always. Today's smartphones are highly complicated devices. They have larger hard drives and can store more data, including deleted text messages. Cell phone data is never gone, and the thief may access deleted texts if your phone is stolen.

You can make your data inaccessible from your computer or smartphone hard drives. It simply requires a few steps. For computers, you can use a wiping program that "scrubs" or overwrites all of the unused data spaces on your hard disk. When it comes to smartphones, a few steps can prevent theft in case your phone is stolen. Make sure you lock your phone with a strong password that will slow down a thief and have distant wiping apps installed so that you can delete the information of your phone's hard drive from any computer.

Another "fun fact" is that Google saves all your data. Yes-yes, it's true. Google has admitted that it hired workers listening to user audio files. Also, the company collects personalisation information, whether in news search results, music, or maps. You can find your activities yourself if you look hard enough. The easiest ones are who you called and who called you. You'll see that your movements are tracked if you go deep enough into Google Maps. Google Home is the same. Everything you say to the smart speaker or Google Assistant is saved in your account's "My Activity" section.

The security issue is very relevant for cloud storage as well. The main reason why businesses are hesitant about moving into cloud storage is a problem with security. Every day seems to bring news of another massive data breach involving a high-profile company, but the cloud is not the case.

An example of high data security is our CRM system developed for logistics companies to automate strategies for increasing sales, interacting with customers, optimising marketing and increasing the speed of processing applications by managers.

This system can edit applications simultaneously with high speed, update data online via WebSocket and provide reliable protection from unauthorised access. The system provides the ability to create new users with different access rights. The user can customize personal data, change the password, or configure specific lines to display in the table of applications.

There are thousands of electronic systems, all dealing with data. Since today's data is very valuable, there is a massive demand for data security. Being very careful with choosing the provider for your business is as important as choosing a partner for life. At Tapson, we guarantee the highest level of data security, which we can prove by the list of our loyal customers.

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