What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript library created by Facebook for building UI on mobile platforms. This library can be shared among platforms, which makes it easy to develop on both iOS and Android

Working with React Native can dramatically shrink the resources required for building any mobile application. The prevailing advantage of this library is that any developer who knows how to work with React code can develop web, iOS, and Android apps with the same skillset. The developer can use the same code for deployment on iOS and Android. This makes huge savings in development time and money. As per the calculations, 90% of the code can be reused between Android and iOS, which is already too good, saving some extra time for modifications.

At Tapston we had the pleasure of developing various apps for our clients. One of them is Babymonitor

This is an audio monitor & baby cam mobile application with sound recording, remote control, and push notifications for parents easy to use. React Native was chosen and made the development process 1.5 times faster, as well as reduced the customer’s budget up to 2 times.

Another bright example is a project that has repeatedly hit the top applications in the Medicine section - Pregnancy app

This app is very functional and informative for women in their sensitive periods. It includes a weekly pregnancy calendar, a schedule and weight records, notes and the ability to export all the data in PDF. Development with React Native library made it available on both iOS and Android platforms simultaneously.

We had the pleasure to develop a project for kids also – Foxywords

The target audience is 8+ with any level of knowledge. It is a bright, dynamic, entertaining, and teaching application capable of «tightening» anyone who downloads it. Often grammar is associated with something uninteresting. So we developed an application which can educate the user interestingly and entertainingly. As a result, we got a modern mobile application for adults and children that helps improve spelling.

React Native is an easy-to-use library that allows building any app on the request on iOS and Android simultaneously, saving time and what’s more important development costs.

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