Top 10 digital transformation trends for 2020

Technological trends and advancements have been on a rise and taking over many of our life activities

The world is progressing and becoming smarter, and that too, rather quickly. Technological trends and advancements have been on the rise and taking over many of our life activities. Employment is demanding a new turn; economies are giving in to the increased inclusion of digital transformations. Major giants and growing companies are utilizing these rapid advancements and benefitting from them. People are coming to terms with these developments and companies are employing them and planning to adopt newer ways to use the same technologies in better ways shortly.

Although all these technologies are not unheard of, 2020 is supposedly the time for them to advance to a higher pedestal and increase our utility.

The 10 major digital transformations will only gain prominence in the immediate future.


All of us have been vouching for better connectivity than before, and any lag in data speed is sure to boggle us down today. The introduction of 5G is a much welcome advancement and is anticipated to make jobs quicker and experiences happier. The benefits of this technology are manifold – increased bandwidth, surge in real-time communications and speeding up of processes. Manufacturers will find it efficient to use this progress to improve their customer services and increase their credibility in the market. 5G is sure to increase competition and increase the user experiences the producers will have to offer at the forefront.

Intelligence Apps:

Smartphones and gadgets along with their numerous applications have become an indispensable part of our lives. The efficient and intelligent software employed in these applications has made work easier for us, machines have taken precedence in the market scenario. From organization to learning, management has become easier. And, 2020 is looking out for much more in this field.


Blockchain technology has already taken the world by storm and people are attracted to this technology due to the potential gains and profits in cryptocurrency. However, this is just one major area where blockchain technology has been successfully employed. The expectations of using this amazing technology in many other sectors like banking, real estate, and health development have provided increased momentum for the coming year. We shall hope to see this concept experiencing a usage rise due to its working power and beauty.

Artificial Intelligence:

Debated and argue upon, few people will deny how Artificial Intelligence has taken us notch further and is only expected to add importance to the work front and life, in general in the coming times. Increased weight has started being given to consumer satisfaction and AI shall prove to be one of the major harbingers of change. This intelligence is now sprawling its legs everywhere and that only reinforces its prominence for the future. With the advent of digitalization trends, it has only become speedier to incorporate this technology in nearly most of the gadgets and technologies we use in our daily lives. Even big projects are likewise demanding the help this technology provides, along with the demand for skilled labor it generates.

Internet of Things:

All of us have heard about it and it becomes even harder to neglect its necessity for the upcoming projects and activities in our modern world. Connections are necessary today and IoT has only made them easier. The fact that we can control many similar devices and projects over a central system gives us a major opportunity to grow efficiently and in a congregate manner. IoT had now entered the mainstream and thus successfully finds a place in the list of major trends in the digital world. The need of the hour is optimized and economic usage and employment of capabilities and this technology are helping us aid the process. Regions can be planned and cities, villages, regions made smarter with the use of this concept. Tracking down waste, crimes, health status of economies can help at the wider level too. Thus, there's no element of surprise in stating that the immediate future is fully ready for advancement.

Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing has cut down on costs in a highly efficient manner and thus makes a special niche for itself in future technological projects. Companies are in no plan to give up this technology anytime soon. Companies are making their cloud computing techniques better and looking into back-end cloud computing being confident about the technology and its use in the upcoming future will only make the process better.

Virtual and Augmented Reality:

A special consumer-based technology, this field has substantially been acknowledged to be a true change in the way we perceive things. Experiencing things closer to reality in an artificial environment is not as easy as it may sound however we only expect it to immerse consumers in the software-controlled projections. The future of AR/VR is promising and will also induce better and safer training projects with repeated improvements.

Cross-Platform Native Development. React and React Native:

This field is highly technical and has been used to build cross-platform mobile applications and websites. It provides for an innovative technique to animate your app components. React Native platforms thus provide fast and better application quality. The technology also provides an open-source library and helps make experiences better.

Big Data:

Storing big amounts of data and further processing has prompted companies to rely on data analytics to manage this task. A demanding framework, Big Data Analytics is applied anywhere data is available in areas like healthcare, banks, financial institutions, retail companies, etc. By analyzing data companies gain insight into consumer patterns and trends and thus increases the effectiveness of their work process. Marketing techniques have substantially benefitted from this concept.

Robotic Process Automation:

Jobs and workplaces often demand boring and repetitive work, that is where robotic process automation has maximized workplace efficiency and made working on these tasks less cumbersome even without preparing difficult codes. Machine learning and robotic technology are already seeing advancements and RPA will be sure to soar high in the process. Major tools and companies/programs like Blue Prism and Deloitte employ this technology and much more progress is yet to be seen.

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