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Stork – Social Network Mobile App for Pregnant Women


«The best pregnancy tracker app in the world»

Home Page Information About the Baby

Basic information that pregnant women may need: Current week news, most popular post of the day, ultrasound photographs, interesting facts, size of the baby, and fruit comparison.


Healthcare Mobile App: Newborn Checklist and Notes Functionality

Things to buy and a maternity hospital checklist. The ability to add to your lists and mark purchased.

Blog — Social Network for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women communication: Likes, comments, and the ability to share photos and articles from various web sites.

Calendar, Reminders, and Push-Notifications

Reminders from the calendar, upcoming visits to doctors, messages from blog users, and other push notifications.

Weight Control and Labour Counter

Schedule and weight control: Monthly changes in weight, with the ability to export to PDF.

Top 1 Medicine

Ukraine, Belarus, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia

Top 10 Medicine

New Zealand, Russia, Australia, The United Kingdom, Spain

Top 25 Medicine



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