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The development of a mobile application for a payment service provider. Individuals and legal entities use the application; for the latter, different functionality is provided depending on the assigned role.

Application users can create multi-currency accounts, make payments, and top up their balance. Communication with the service staff takes place via chat. In the process of authorisation and payments, 2FA SCA authentication was used.


Thanks to the application, users can create payment requests and make transfers in a matter of seconds. The user can confirm the operation simply by entering a pattern.


The user can create pre-filled payment forms to simplify and reduce subsequent transactions for a given recipient.

Contact Book

The application has a user contacts section, which can be synchronised with a mobile device's contact book.


Two types of notifications were provided: To the notification centre and push notifications (OneSignal). Notifications for the notification centre contains buttons, making it possible to operate in a few clicks.


React Native

React Native



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