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Nota5. Разработка мобильного приложения


Mobile app development of a language learning online courses mobile app for Nota5. The app has a learning assistant. Users can learn with articles, audio and video materials, take various tests, play educational games. Registration for online classes is implemented with the calendar: users select the desired time and pay for the lesson right in the app.

Educational materials

The app has a media library corresponding to the level of the student's language, consisting of articles, books, films and audio.

Nota5. Разработка мобильного приложения


Games allow users to improve the quality of learning.

Nota5. Разработка мобильного приложения


The proficiency test shows students' level of language proficiency, and the multidirectional tests will determine the degree of assimilation of the studied materials.

Nota5. Разработка мобильного приложения

Lesson signing up

Students can find detailed information about upcoming classes and sign up for a new course with a group or teacher.

Nota5. Разработка мобильного приложения

Useful information

The app contains detailed information about all the school teachers: their work experience, fields of activity, achievements. Also, there are useful materials for every topic and important school news in the app.

Nota5. Разработка мобильного приложения


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