Royal Gold and Golden Dream

Mobile Apps and CMS System for Jewellery Chains «Royal Gold» and «Golden Dream»

Carskoe zoloto - Mobile application development


01. The development of mobile applications for jewellery chains «Royal Gold» and «Golden Dream».

The main goal of development was to transfer the customer bonus system into the applications. The applications provide quick access to the bonus system information and customer's bonus savings, and the latest news and promotions of the jewellery chains by receiving push notifications. Registration in the applications should occur with SMS validation.

02. The development of an ergonomic CMS system to manage the content of mobile applications.

The CMS system's main function is to manage the mobile applications' content: Create, edit, archive, and unzip promotions and news with the priority of display, and setting the text of the push notifications. System requirements: The ability to manage conveniently and accessibly the dashboard's content and the ability to edit user profiles.


01. React Native Framework.

The React Native framework was chosen to implement mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. This framework has helped speed up the development process and reduce the budget.

02. React And Node.js.

The React framework was the solution to implement the front-end of the CMS system. For the backend — Node.js was utilised.

Carskoe zoloto - Mobile application development Carskoe zoloto - Mobile application development Carskoe zoloto - Mobile application development

01. Registration

The registration of the users in the mobile applications occurs with SMS validation.

02. Geolocation and Push Notifications

The mobile applications allow obtaining all of the information about the shops' locations and their operation modes. Also, application users receive two types of push notifications: By geolocation of a user regarding marks on the map and the dashboard's parameters.

03. Bonuses

Application users can accumulate bonuses from purchases, browse them in applications, and use them on subsequent purchases.

Carskoe zoloto - Mobile application development

04. Feedback and Profile

Users can leave a review, contact the application's technical support, and visit the jewellery stores' social networks. When leaving a request for technical support, the system auto-fills the data for the user. Toast notifications inform the users about sending data.

Users have access to their discount card information and purchase history. Verification of the mailing address is provided.

05. Promotions and Discounts

Administrators of the CMS system can add promotions and services into the applications with a delay to their display.

Application users are always aware of the latest news and promotions and the services provided in the shops.

image - services

06. Push Notifications

Administrators can edit information on the stores, set the text of push notifications for any of the stores, and set the notification text, based on the application user's geolocation.

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