Mobile App Development for Restaurant: Burger King Central Asia

The development of a mobile app for Burger King allowed users quickly and easily place an order, get acquainted with the promotions and offers of restaurants, as well as earn points for purchases made and spend them on their favourite dishes

Main Screen

The main screen displays the current balance and points. All relevant information and news are presented in the social-styled stories format


The app allows you to earn points from each purchase, which can be exchanged for gifts or spent on your favourite dishes. The QR code system was developed to get points from the purchases ordered in restaurants

Promotions and Sales

The Sales screen contains all the profitable promotions and coupons. Using the promotions, a user can make more profitable purchases at Burger King restaurants

Punch Cards

The Punch Card system was developed and introduced. A user would receives extra points if the punch card's conditions were completed

Mobile App Development for Restaurants: Orders

Users can change all the order details in the cart: quickly change the dishes, replace products, and choose the delivery time and payment method. The developed system lets managers receive users' orders directly in the restaurant kitchen. In the «My orders» section, users can track the status of the order, cancel it or repeat it


The «Restaurants» screen allows you to select a restaurant on the map, find out the opening hours of a Burger King Drive Thru, and arrange delivery or pickup time

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