Mobile App for Instant Bill Payments at Restaurants


Developing a mobile application for rapid payment processing at restaurants. The payment system was designed using online acquiring and app authorisation, with additional SMS validation for added security. By implementing this type of payment system, restaurants can provide customers with a fast and secure payment process that doesn't require the use of physical cash or cards. This not only enhances the customer experience but also streamlines the payment process for restaurant staff, reducing wait times and increasing efficiency. With the growing demand for contactless payment options, developing a mobile app for quick restaurant bill payment is becoming increasingly important for restaurant owners and operators.

React Native based app development that included both iOS and Android platforms and developed a React-based CRM/CMS system for operational content app management.

Card Addition

The card undergoes automatic validation when added to the application: Entered card number correctness and the validity period. To add a map more quickly, a map scan is used.

View Order

To check the order, the user just needs to scan the QR-code without leaving the application. The menu is updated online. You can also divide the bill payments in several ways right from the application.

Integration with a Restaurant’s Accounting Automation System

The application interrelates with restaurant management software, so users have the opportunity to pay online.

Modal Windows

React Native


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